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"This is the start of something great for me." 
"Over the last 15 years I really let myself go. At one point I weighed in at 355 lbs. A number of things gathered in my mind that helped me convince myself not even to attempt to workout or start eating right again. The hardest part was eating right. For years I ate as a necessity of convenience. I thought that I needed a red bull and sugar to wake up in the A.M. Turns out, going to the gym and eating a well balanced breakfast works the same, if not better! I lost 35lbs in First 1st month!"

 "As a mom of 3 kids, it's important for my children to see me living a healthy lifestyle." 
At 28 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and it's been very tough on me. The doctors told me I could lose up to 3 lbs a year if I work really hard. It was very discouraging but I accepted it. Last July, I came off the meds because I felt like they were poisoning me and I saw no change with them. I gained weight, I didn't sleep well at night and I had no energy. Now, I sleep like a baby and I lost 12lbs in just 1 month! 

I never wore dresses because my mommy tummy poked through, now I love dresses.

"I started the month at 297 lbs and weighed in today at 268!!"
As a person who indulges on all of the types of beer and heavy hearty food, almost every day of my life, this was a dramatic time for me. One of my biggest accomplishments in this process was to stay 100% away from sugar and bread. With Halloween and having a 4 and 6 year old go trick-or-treating, I did not have one single piece of candy which was one of my biggest accomplishments. My favorite part of this challenge was getting my energy back and just a better mindset overall. With diet and workout, you can become a completely different person, physically and mentally.

"Changed my Mindset, Changed my Body"

Being a really type A person and desiring more made me want to change. I have always been fit and active, but never felt that I had the body I really wanted. I trained for 8 months and something clicked in the last 2 months, and my body completely changed. It's funny as John had been telling me the same thing for months in different ways. Then I realized the one mental shift to a bit more action, and Boom!! I can say I have the body have been working for!!
"I stuck it out and love the results"
I gained a bit of lean muscle and dropped a bit of body fat, and I feel amazing. My sleep is fantastic too, though I find myself waking up earlier than usual and ready to go. No sugar was tough at first (I like to foo-foo up my coffee). Between my son's birthday, Halloween, the loss of a good friend, and general life challenges, I considered lapsing a few times... who wouldn't? But I stuck it out and love the results.


"Finally Getting my Body back"

I grew up not worrying about weight or what I ate. Then after kids I was never able to bounce back. Tired many different diets, but kept spinning my wheels. After coming on with Fast Pace I have been on a stead decline and am feeling good about myself again.

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