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 " It really gives me hope that, you know, that I can actually have an active physical retirement.”" 
"I was tied to my desk. I had very much a sedentary job. And it got to the point where it was just hard to get up. So this training was needed. The really important thing for me is that I’ve gotten stronger and done it in the right way with Jaime’s help.

"I was having some sciatica and some other problems. Jaime is always really really careful not to hurt any part of my body and I have run this by a physical therapist and my doctor and they both agree that she’s going about it the right way."

 "As a mom of 3 kids, it's important for my children to see me living a healthy lifestyle." 
At 28 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and it's been very tough on me. The doctors told me I could lose up to 3 lbs a year if I work really hard. It was very discouraging but I accepted it. Last July, I came off the meds because I felt like they were poisoning me and I saw no change with them. I gained weight, I didn't sleep well at night and I had no energy. Now, I sleep like a baby and I lost 12lbs in just 1 month! 

I never wore dresses because my mommy tummy poked through, now I love dresses.

 "I have to brag, I’ve lost 8 ½ lbs since I’ve been coming!
"I have a gym membership but I never seem to make myself go to the gym. So this seemed to be a good alternative because I always make it. I always come because other people depend on me to come. So I always come and it helps with all the issues that I have.

I feel stronger in what I’m doing, I know how to do it the correct way, and so it has been helpful!"

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